Farm Description

tulip.calfKeepsake Farm & Dairy takes a fresh look and approach to raising wholesome food in a natural environment. We are committed to producing the highest quality products available and will work to provide you the very best.  Imagine farming the natural way...going back to what our grandparents knew.

At Keepsake Farm & Dairy, you WILL NOT find things like hormones, antibiotics, chemical pesticides or fertilizers. It turns out that you don't need those things when you create a farming environment that mimics nature. You WILL find chickens running around pecking at bugs and depositing their fertilizing droppings. You WILL find cows grazing on pasture, not locked up in stalls eating grain. You WILL find momma cows raising their own calves (yes, stealing our milk!) because MOMS raise bigger, healthier, stronger calves than humans with bottles.